Thursday, January 7, 2010


I texted Frank, just to check in and make things un-awkward, just in case they were – considering a.) I’m an ex, and b.) He has a new girlfriend.

Turns out, they’re not together anymore.

Didn’t I say he moves fast?

So today, he texts me again; Just one of those irritating chain texts:

What three words would I say to him if we woke up naked together?

Reply: Nothing unusual there.

The thing is, Frank loved to be naked, every time I’ve visited the family home or crashed their after a binge-drinking sesh, he would just strip; and not necessarily because I had wanted/asked/forced him too.

There’s something very un-nerving about a grown man you’re trying desperately not to have sex with, who would bare his body and lie over you with it. Mmm sexy.

I first realised that this was to become a real issue when, he slept naked with me and one of my best friends. Who actually does that?

So Frank loves to get naked…

And that is not the only thing weird about him (read earlier post) apart from the things I’ve previously referred too, Frank was a real moaner – a swearing moaner…something I hadn’t come across before.

After talks with my girlfriends, I wasn’t sure it was entirely common either.

Oh…Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

Again. Mmm sexy.

I’d like to point out now; I’ve never actually had sex with Frank. So at this moment, we weren’t even sexing to produce those sorts of groans. Nor, would we be having sex anytime soon, after that performance.

Anyway, he replied asking if I wanted to see him before I head back to uni. I declined, don’t fancy being his rebound fuck or something.

But, if I was to bump into him about town…Hmmm.


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