Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Seven

Today I woke up and weighed myself, like I normally do, and I’m happy to report that in one week I have lost ten pounds. Keep in mind that I’ve done this before. At the beginning weight just seems to melt off because, basically, I’m carrying weight that I’m just not supposed to have on me. It will get difficult as time goes on, which is why I’m doing this, to keep me going. And with almost 150 people reading today, I’m definitely accountable to the 12 that will continue to read on a regular basis.

After I weighted myself I had a breakfast of a crushed up turkey burger from last night with some eggs in a wrap. I love wraps. Normally I love sandwiches, and will try to make anything I eat into a sandwich if some kind of bread is nearby, but since I’m not eating bread I’ve had to resort to wraps. Maybe I just love eating with my hands. Hmm. I just realized that…

Anyway, Abby leaves for work and I get to work myself. After a few hours I have to use the bathroom. I get the idea (okay, that’s a lie, I’ve definitely done this before) to weigh myself beforehand and afterward. Now, I feel like it’s important to note that I weigh myself naked. In my mind, underwear adds like five pounds. So after that, I realize it’s about time for lunch and I head into the kitchen to heat up the last turkey burger. And, yes, I’m still naked.

Hey, when you’re all by yourself, there’s not this rush to put clothes back on. It’s kind of enjoyable to be able to walk around naked for a little bit. Ah, the wonders of working from home. So I’m in the kitchen, the turkey burger is in the microwave… and I hear the door open. For a brief moment I pray that it’s either someone walking in on accident or an intruder and not my wife about to find me naked in the kitchen, microwaving a turkey burger. I was not so lucky. Abby, who was expecting to be greeted with surprise, yet excitement for her being home. She only got the first part.

Me: “Baby?”

Her: “Yeah?”

Me: “Hey, just wanted to let you know… I’m naked right now.”

Her: “Why are you naked?”

Me: “Long story. Let me tell you in a minute” as I scamper into the room to the sound of her laughter.

So there was that. Apparently she had g-chatted me that she was coming home from lunch and I missed it. Once I put clothes on we got to have a very nice lunch together, aside from the fact that she cut herself cleaning a spoon (yes, a spoon) and her thumb bled for the rest of the time she was here and some of the time at work. She must have hit a vein or something. That thing soaked through the band-aid in no time.

After she went back to work I finished working with about 20 minutes to spare before she got home. This time I decided that 20 minutes of working out was better than none, so I went to our very small workout room at the apartment and jogged for that time. Let me just say that I’m not a fan of treadmills. Obviously, I’m a big guy. When women run on them you hardly hear anything. When I run on them it sounds like an angry mob banging on the door, trying to get in, in a very even rhythm.

When Abby got home we ate dinner (chicken, quinoa, veggies that Abby was upset she had made too bland, but I, of course, loved it) and then hung out for a little bit before we went to our weekly bible fellowship. We had this discussion.

Abby: “Are you going to shower tonight?”

Me: “No.”

Abby: (looking at me) Really?

Me: “I mean, I showered this morning and I only worked out for like 20 minutes…”

I trail off as I realize something crucial. There are two types of questions like this: open ended questions where you just want to get the information, and questions that have a right and a wrong answer. Halfway through my answer I realized that this was the second kind of question and that I was giving the wrong answer.

Me: “…but, you know, I’m definitely going to shower. I wasn’t before, but then I thought that I should shower. So I’m going to shower. Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

So I showered, we watched Modern Family (Abby’s favorite show. Her order goes Modern Family, Project Runway, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother. My order is a little more in depth, we’ll go into it later. Basically, we like TV. Some people say you shouldn’t even have a TV your first year of marriage, but it’s something we both enjoy doing together and it’s not like we sit around mindlessly flipping through anything, we have shows we watch together and that’s that. I think it turns out to be pretty good quality time, laughing together. And since I’m married now, I actually have to care about Project Runway and give my opinion. Just making jokes about it is apparently another wrong answer. Wow, this is a long parentheses. I should work on that), then we went to bed. The end.

Weight: 301

Weight Lost: 10 pounds


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