Sunday, January 31, 2010

Music and Movie Moment: Mulholland Drive -- Rebekah del Rio, "Llorando"

Rebekah del Rio – Llorando (“Crying” cover, Mulholland Drive)

Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001). This track is a haunting, a capella, Spanish language cover by Rebekah del Rio of the Roy Orbison song “Crying” (Orbison, Melson 1961). Some screencaps are from here, some are from here, and some are from TK on the lj. Some I took myself from the sneaksters who have managed to put a bit of this up on the youtube. Thanks to all sources.

Yo estaba bien

por un tiempo

volviendo a sonreír

I was all right

for a while

I could smile for awhile

Luego anoche te vi;

tu mano me tocó

y el saludo de tu voz

But I saw you last night,

you held my hand so tight

as you stopped to say hello

Y hablé muy bien

y tú sin saber

que he estado

Llorando por tu amor,

llorando por tu amor

Oh, you wished me well

You couldn’t tell

that I’ve been

Crying over you,

crying over you

Luego de tu adiós

sentí todo mi dolor

Sola y

llorando, llorando, llorando.

You said, “So long,”

left me standing all alone

Alone and

crying, crying, crying.

No es fácil de entender

que al verte otra vez

yo esté llorando.

It’s hard to understand

but the touch of your hand

Can start me crying.

Yo que pensé

que te olvidé

pero es verdad,

es la verdad

que te quiero aun más

mucho más que ayer

Dime tú que puedo hacer.

I thought that I

was over you,

but it’s true,

oh, so true

I love you even more

than I did before.

But darling, what can I do?

¿No me quieres ya?

Y siempre estaré

Llorando por tu amor

llorando por tu amor

For you don’t love me,

and I’ll always be

Crying over you

crying over you

Tu amor se llevó

todo mi corazón

Y quedo llorando, llorando, llorando

Llorando por tu amor

Yes, now you’re gone,

and from this moment on

I’ll be crying, crying, crying,

Crying over you

Purchase Mulholland Drive, a StudioCanal film, from amazon online or in person at some big, dreadful electronics discount store where they make their employees dress all alike and discourage self-expression while simultaneously crushing their professional ambitions and private dreams, or even someplace mind-numbingly similar but with a wider range of products to assuage your human misery at the altar of merciless soul-raping capitalism, Walmart or Target; whatever, I don’t care. I am just encouraging you to do this consumer bullshit so I don’t get sued. If it were up to me, David Lynch movies would be showing at most theaters everywhere always, so it’s tough for me to recommend virtually profitless small screen shenanigans. And by tough I mean I am going to go chew light bulbs now.

This movie will come up again, these are a really small handful of caps compared to the rest. I’ve just been blue and listening to this song a lot lately.


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