Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scuba Diving Naked!

Well I can’t honestly say that I have scuba dived naked, that is with no clothes on, the closest that I have come was accidentally flashing my girlfriend when I was avoiding a embarrassing moment in my wet suit on a particularly long dive in Hawaii; you see I had custom wetsuit that had a zipper installed that I told everyone was so that I could control the temperature by venting the suit at the junction of my legs, which everyone knows that has taken a cold weather survival class is the hottest area on your body. By the way it is a myth that you can warm up your wetsuit that way, all it does is make it smell bad and then no one wants to dive with you and all the fish will swim away as well, can you blame them!

I do like the idea of water that is warm enough to dive naked. I remember once being in water that was 25 degrees that would be Celsius roughly 70 degrees on the American scale and I thought that I was going to need to be placed in a microwave for 10 minutes to warm up, to say that I am a wimp when it comes to cold is grossly understated, I even drink my water with out ice!

I like the feeling of freedom that you get when you are skinny dipping, just kind of hanging out, if you will, in warm water, is akin to having a giant bathtub that you don’t use soap in, if you are the environmentally sensitive type, which most skinny dippers by nature tend to be. Before I do it though I am going to have to some questions answered like.

What about the fish, I wonder are they sensitive to this kind of thing?

Will the fish confuse the new things they are seeing with bait?


I am also having a hard time understanding the mechanics of scuba diving naked, where do you put the BCD jacket, do you carry it in your arms, or drag it behind you, you can’t really wear it or you are not technically diving naked right? Maybe they dive Hawaiian kind style with just a tank and a mask, and suck the air out of the top like in the old days?

I don’t remember any of this being answered in any of my dive books. Maybe you can help me out; if you have any pictures, please send them along so I can see and understand for myself what’s involved to make it a pleasurable experience. Thanks in advance for the pictures!


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