Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rebecca's Reindeer Games

Anyone up for Spin the Elf?

Okay, I’ve got a problem. A problem with Santa that is. Why does he mock us girls all the time yelling. “Hos, Hos, Hos!” What did us sluts and hos do to deserve his wrath? Didn’t he always tell us that Christmas is the time for giving? I mean seriously, what does that mean for Mrs. Claus? Does this make her the Madame and Santa the pimp? We’re his real elves just trying to bring peace, laughter and pleasure to all the little naughty little boys out there. The smiles on their faces are so reflective of the wonderful gifts and the joy we bring them! That’s okay. Who needs that jolly old fella anyway to have a happy holiday season.

I mean it us elves, reindeer and everyone else who really make it happen at the North Pole. Without us Santa would be Scrooge. Want to get behind the scenes look at what really makes Christmas? Come on in and let’s play some reindeer games!!


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