Thursday, December 3, 2009

J. Scott Campbell: Ruining Your Fairy Tales


J. Scott Campbell is making a calendar that will go on any fanboy’s inside bathroom door especially if they watched a Disney movie praying for a Nip Slip.  Fucking disgusting.

In this post, I examine some images from J. Scott Campbell’s 2010 calendar with Fairy Tale princesses as sex objects, and I discuss the complete ridiculousness of ever trying to appear like a decent, fair person when you have this “artwork” on your track record.


You know, I haven’t seen anything so outrageous for awhile.  J. Scott Campbell’s newest work appears to not only exist for the full exploitation of childhood character favorites but to also rape the very idea of a world in which women can be viewed as equals and not sex tools.

To be clear, I am completely one for absolutely no censorship, ever.  I just find that when a highly used comic artist produces images like this it’s upsetting.  Not because they’re necessarily the one doing it or for the images themselves, but because the practice of dehumanizing women in comic books and comic-like artwork is so prevalent and deeply embedded within the industry.  J. Scott Campbell just happens to be an exemplar of this practice (as well as Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, other predominately 90s artists, and even a lot of modern day artists).

To see some more of my opinions on the representation of women in comics, check out my Super HeroiHOT feature:


Oh no! Little Miss Muffets shoe’s going to fall off with that pointed toe and all of that yummy, white “pourage” is going to spill on her dainty legs all because of some mean, mean spider.  Good thing she remembered to wear her undies.

Almost every one of these stilted calendar works of smut features placid deprecations of the female form.  Sure, the faces have a half ass attempt at showing expression, but they’re plastic.  Each fuckable/poseable/innocent-yet-sexy-and-foolish doll has a copy and paste figure and face of which none of the human population fits into the impossible proportions.

Not only do his nearly blasphemous reimaginings of characters oversexualize to a hyperdrive-like level, they appear completely impractical.  Belle’s Coconut sized breasts should be falling out of that corset number while her body quickly snaps over on itself.  Plus, the surrogate man, the Beast, dominates over her not only in physical appearance, but in the act of placing on her cloak like some pimp.

Snow White, you seem so surpised!  What, with your pouty lips and all.

The poor attempt at wit only further damages the images.  These photos are like B grade hentai or really colorful Tijuana comics posted on the bathroom stalls next to a couple glory holes and “call this number for a fun time”s.


Who sits like this when they eat!?  Oh yeah, I’ll lay my toned thighs out here… kink my back a little to show a hint of my ass and put out my tits… time to put the spoon in my mouth!

 Strangely, Campbell’s mock of talent that can actually go somewhere furthers into even the realm of Spider Man when this Goldilocks Image looks strangely like Campbell’s poorly construed bimbo-ified cover to Spider Man #601:

I purposely hold my coffee cup to accentuate my amazing cleavage, too!

Seriously, what is the point!?  What does this sort of misogynistic artwork accomplish?  Merely to corner stereotypes of Women (and for that matter, someone thinking that the majority of men would enjoy this shit) and slash it across a calendar that will fade with age and other things!?  Now, you can’t fault Campbell for at least decent artwork, but his talent is in the wrong place.  It conforms and projects itself as the norm: to mistreat and use women.


This image looks like Tinkerbell’s giving Captain hook a stripper dance!

Trust me, if you look and find these images on some other sites (the one’s that aren’t actually in arms about how insulting it is), you’ll find some of the most disgusting comments where you thought these people didn’t actually exist in the world because that type of sexism is just too fucked up.  Plus, others (women included) find some of these images funny.  I don’t understand if there’s any humor at all in these images because they’re so downright exploitative.  Seeing a hypersexual version of a character known (at least through the Disney versions) for their (near) chastity, innocence, and strong virtues.  Sure, I disagree also a lot about the Disney portrayals and how they subjugate women to waiting on men and being man’s personal bitch. 


That’s the Little Mermaid… Siren of the Seamen.

So, I find that what’s needed with these characters is something in between these sexual images and the Disney caricatures of classic female characters.  One in which the 50s mindset of Women’s Role being that of the houseslave does not exist and the Women’s role in Campbell’s work of being personal sex objects that we can basically rape with our eyes does not exist either.  An ideal model in between those extremes emphasizing the power of women (and for that matter transgenders) equalling (and often times surpassing) that of man.


Tiny ribcages that would most certainly crush all of the person’s internal organs are a requirement for the field of smut (and comic books), now.

It’s really no wonder that in the original story of Sleeping Beauty the prince raped her while she slept and she gave birth to twins (while still sleeping) with an arched foot like that!

Plus, did someone specially design that “sheet” for her so there could be a hole/perfect folding for her leg to come through?

Because, basically, I’m tired of images where women are naked for absolutely no reason (because, of course, men are never naked for absolutely no reason!) and are merely shown to give a boner to 13 year olds wondering what Sleeping Beauty looks like naked… and if vines were trying to enter her.  This is not sexy.  This is worthy of vomiting for a year of dissappointment over.


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