Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am Naked. I am Cold.

Lying down on this cement floor. My ass cheeks kissing the floor reluctantly, as my balls in scream in protest. “Get up fool, have some respect, you are making me go bluuuuueeeee….”

Yes, my balls talk. But I can’t move. Instead, I lie in the place that I fell. I had too much. Fucking Charlie!

Now what’s different here is, I normally write a post about what I have done being stoned. Today I was thinking of what to write and I thought that maybe I should write something I haven’t done and then do it before I post. So, I planned to fuck myself up by smoking a big J alone. It’s a Saturday. It’s raining and I am at home bored. So I decided to make a big night of it. My idea for a big night alone, smoke a big one and lie down in the cold darkness, naked and alone and think.

Now this is what actually happened. So I rolled, I smoked. Had some trouble finding a light, and had to go to the gas cooker to light the damn thing, and it was a bit scary. I don’t like playing with fire, unless it’s metaphorical. After I was done, I took of my ‘Sexy’ Boxers and lay down on the cold cement floor of my room. It was so cold. Yet I did not want to move. And seriously, my balls were protesting.

So I lay there immobilized, slowly losing my motor skills and grinning into the darkness. This was liberating. Wish I was up on a ledge or something with the cold night air around me instead of the confines of my little room. I was playing music in the background. My favourite band, jamming it loud. Deffa stoner music, I tell you. It was amazing. All the intricate little details of the song were magnified and listening to it made my heart race. This is everything I had planned to do for the night. The next is when my mind took over my plans and decided to change them.

I couldn’t stay down much longer. Part of me wanted to get up and part of me just want to be the vegetable on the floor. I debated this for a long time. Long time because my mind started going haywire and I forgot about what decision I was taking and thought about other stuff. Like, what would happen if I died right now? How would my parents justify what I was doing in my final hours? What if I had a twin, would he be as awesome as me? Would he do the same things I do? That would be weird though.

Then I finally decided to get up when my favourite song was playing. It was as task and the world spun a bit, but I did get up. Now what do I do? I could feel the music in my veins, slowly talking over. The solemn guitar riffs and the thudding double bass were taking over my body. Everything that made them the best band in the world was taking over me. And then I began head-banging like crazy, like I have never before. In the dark, I couldn’t see shit. This was liberation at its ultimate. I cranked up the volume more and fucking banged like I was watching them live. Air guitar man, I was the air guitar god I nmy own little naked universe. And I gotta tell you, I was naked… my head wasn’t the only thing banging ;)

Disclaimer: This post is somewhat disjointed, for the sole reason that I was very ‘jointed’ when I wrote this.


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