Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Naked...

To me fashion is not always about what you wear but, what you don’t wear. Sometimes you have to show a little skin. Being sexy is being confident so, if you can learn to flaunt your body in a way that’s not sleazy and makes you feel pretty it will show. You should pick a favorite body part, it doesn’t even have to be that risqué, and specialize in showing it off. Your shoulders for example, are not a body part typically associated with sex but, a nice pair displayed correctly can be quite coquettish. It might sound trite but you have to work with what you have.

Another trick so you don’t cross down the path to hooker avenue, is making sure your only showing off one region at a time. Just take it easy, you would not want to show off your legs and your abdomen at the same time, it looks whorish. Okay well, this is going to be it for tonight loves. I definitely have more to say about this topic though so, I would say it’s to be continued.


                               Good night,


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