Sunday, March 21, 2010

Test Flight

By the accounts of all those who knew her the raven haired goddess who sat across from brown haired, sky blue eyed two legged dear hunter and well hung aspiring poet. Where the eighteen year old lad  sat at the kitchen table playing a game of crazy eights with the twenty year old college coed who lived next door and had been hired by his father and stepmother to take care of his stepsister. Who lay safe and secure as well as out of the way for the moment inside her crib taking a much needed nap giving her baby sitter a much needed break. While outside the sudden summer thunderstorm raged outside as the horny aspiring poet and his baby stepsister’s caretaker amused themselves as they listened to the pitter patter of the raindrops falling on top of his parents house and patio.

For as long as he could remember the aspiring poet had been able to get whatever he wanted from whoever he wanted it from just by gazing deeply into the eyes of his latest victim. However as confident as the two legged dear hunter in training was in his abilities to subvert the feminine modesty of those females he’d found himself sexually attracted too down through the years. The aspiring poet had hesitated to take full advantage of his telepathically ability by sleeping with the girls of his own age he desperately wanted to bed. Without having first tested his abilities upon an older woman who could teach him all that he needed to know about pleasing the individual members of the feminine gender, known as the sisterhood, between the clean and fresh sheets of either his or their altar of lust commonly known as a bed.

Now with his father and stepmother at work and not expected home until late in the evening now seemed like the perfect opportunity to test his telepathically powers. Over the minds and bodies of the individual members of the sisterhood and  his stepsister’s curvaceous babysitter seemed to be the perfect candidate to take on the test flight. Plus it didn’t hurt matters any that the poet couldn’t keep his eyes off the curves of her DDD sized breasts the sight of which managed to keep the aspiring as horny as a horny toad. Tearing the orbs of his sky blue eyes away from the sight of the luscious valley of his stepsister’s babysitter’s cleavage lying nestled within the black halter top she was wearing and gazed deeply into the liquid pools of her eyes.

For a long moment Kay gazed deeply into the sky blue eyes of her charges eighteen year old brother both unable and unwilling to turn her head and look away as she became sexually aroused. Already the raven haired and curvaceous goddess could feel the bright headlights of her nipples switch on as they stiffened and hardened enough to poke through the cottony fabric of the black halter she was wearing. Even as she felt herself becoming all the wetter between the luscious curves of her well toned, silky smooth and clean shaven thighs while a light red blush climbed up her neck and kissed her cheeks. Still Kay wasn’t so certain that she really wanted to give in to the erotic desires being  telepathically projected into her feminine mind by the eighteen year old boy sitting across the kitchen from were she sat. After all the aspiring poet was a little young for her tastes, in spite of the beef cake of the masculine curves of his muscular and bow flex crafted body. While Kay really preferred to give the curves of her well endowed body to real men much older then either the aspiring poet or herself who both had the where with all and could afford to take her out on expensive dates and shower her with even more expensive gifts.

Only to watch herself a few moments later as she laid down the hand of playing cards she was holding, pushed back the kitchen chair she was sitting in and stood up onto the soles of her bare feet. Even as he watched his stepsister’s curvaceous babysitter make her way around the kitchen table towards where he sat. The eighteen year old aspiring poet pushed back the chair he was sitting on away from  the kitchen table as Kay walked over to stand between the two legged dear hunter in training and the kitchen table. Where unable to stop herself the raven haired and well stacked daughter of both mother nature and the goddess of love found herself obeying the telepathically commands being implanted within the command center of her weak and vulnerable feminine mind. Watching as both of her hands responded to another’s more powerful and dominate will, as if she stood on the sidelines of a high school football game, by pushing the pair of running shorts along with the intimate garment of the pair of panties she wore off the curves of her hips and down the curves of her luscious thighs and well toned legs. Out of which Kay pulled both of her feet and kicked out of the way before climbing up onto the aspiring poet’s lap where she straddled the eighteen years old lads lap with her long and slender legs and placed her feet firmly onto the floor.

Settling down upon the aspiring poet’s lap Kay gripped the sides of the chair along with the legs of her employer’s oldest son with her legs in order to steady herself. Then reached up and deliberately pulled apart the bow holding together the cottony fabric of her black halter top and allowed the garment to fall onto the floor. As her ripe orbs of her fell free of their restraints in front of the sky blue eyes of the brown haired and well hung two legged dear hunter. Who responded by wrapping his arms around the back of his stepsister’s well stacked naked babysitter. The palms of his hands sliding down the curves of Kay’s spine and hips until at last the twin ovals of her cute and tight little ass lay cupped within his hands. Even as he dived face first downward into the luscious valley of the twenty year old daughter of both mother nature and the goddess of loves’s cleavage.

The pungent scent of Kay’s sexual arousal filled the eighteen year old’s aspiring poet’s nostrils making the lance of his manhood all the harder with the desire to taste the sweetness of Kay’s wetness. As she sat there on top of his lap with her hands gripping his shoulders moaning and sighing in ecstasy as the two legged dear hunter in training took his time ravishing the ripe and firm orbs of her DDD breasts with his lips and tongue. Alternately exploring the luscious valley of her cleavage, climbing the mountains of her mammary glands and teasing the bright headlights of her nipples. The only interruption occurring when Kay reached down and grasped the hem of the tank top that the oldest son of her employer was wearing in order to pull it upwards off over his head and dropped it onto the floor.

Nor did Kay resist when at last the eighteen year old boy stood up with her in his arms and took a couple of steps towards the kitchen table upon which he sat her cute and tight little ass. A moment later Kay wrapped her well toned, clean shaven and silky smooth legs around the aspiring poet’s waist as the running shorts he was wearing fell off the curves of his hips and down his legs. Even as she placed the palms of her hands down on top of the kitchen table behind her in order to support herself and keep from falling backwards. The swollen lance of the two legged dear hunter was so hard and eager to slip inside the velvety sheath of his stepsister’s babysitter’s love canal that he didn’t have to reach down and guide his little head with his hand over to the oval opening of Kay’s hot and wet pussy.

Instead all the eighteen year old lad had to do was thrust his hips forward as even as he pulled the curves of his stepsister’s babysitter’s cute and tight little ass towards where he stood. Whose love canal was so wet with the intensity of her sexual arousal that the entire length of his rock hard and throbbing shaft. Of the aspiring poet’s male sexual organ met little resistance and easily slipped inside the welcoming warmth of Kay’s womanhood with one unrelenting thrust of his powerful hips. Nor could Kay remain silent but heard herself cry out in ecstasy as she threw back her head when she felt the flexible walls of her extremely hot and wet pussy spread open.

Again and again the raven haired and well stacked daughter of both mother nature and the goddess of love cried out in ecstasy even as the oldest son of her employer grunted each and every time he thrust his manhood inside her hot and wet pussy. While struggling to hold back his own orgasm even as he intentionally drove his stepsister’s naked babysitter into a sexual frenzy right then and there on top of his unsuspecting father’s and stepmother’s kitchen table. Until at last the aspiring poet felt the raven haired and well stacked goddess begin to cum on top of his male sexual organ as it slid relentlessly in and out of the love canal of Kay’s hot and wet pussy. Only then did the brown haired sky blue eyed and well hung two legged dear hunter in training allow himself to cut loose. By cumming with a shout of victory as his manhood shot a full load of his seed laden baby batter upwards into the fertile soil of his stepsister’s babysitter’s womb.

Thus the eighteen year old aspiring poet and two legged dear hunter in training began a torrid and passionate affair with the raven haired and well stacked daughter of both mother nature and the goddess of love who lived next door. That would last throughout the rest of the summer until it was time for the brown haired, sky blue eyed and well hung lad. To seek out new sexual partners and to sometimes go where no man had gone before or had been, whatever the individual case may have been. At the college to which he was being exiled where instead of forgetting Kay he would always remember her in his dreams; whenever he took out the intimate garment of the pair of panties stained with the womanly scent of her wetness he’d taken from her as a trophy and sniffed them.


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