Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scary Lake

It was a very long and incredibly hot day and it was almost over. The sun as a giant red ball was going down but that was not helping at all — the air was still scorching and Natasha felt extremely tired after many hours of driving through that hostile rocky valley between high mountains somewhere at the end of the world. Her old good friend Jeep Wrangler had a soft top but no air-conditioning so she had to drive topless to stay cool and let the wind take the excessive heat from her nicely tanned body. After driving non stop the whole day Natasha was getting close to the edge of this seemingly endless desert and the landscape was slowly changing. The rocks were getting smaller yielding to hills covered with a dingy grass and real forests could be already seen on the horizon. According to the map there was a lake not far away from her current position. Stopping for a rest was probably a good idea. Natasha imagined how she could be taking off her clothes and running into cool refreshing water totally naked. It was so tempting! She got off the trail and struggled through the rocks towards the possible place of pleasure.

The lake was indeed a refreshing place. Concealed in a deep cavern it looked really charming in contrast to the dusty lifeless desert. The sand beach was closely guarded by palms and high tropical trees so she had to park her car and carve her way through the thicket on foot. The view inside was magnificent. The light blue water framed by the golden sands and the green trees instantly made her forget about the dirty long road. Inspired by the beauty of the place Natasha undressed quickly and rushed into the cool water. Everything was just as she imagined: a playful prelude with clouds of icy splashes followed by a heavenly tranquil pleasure that was taking all worries far far away. Her tired overheated body was revitalising and cooling off. It was a paradise. She was swimming, diving, laughing. Almost an hour passed by when saturated with pleasure Natasha went ashore and laid on the sand. Every muscle in her body was relaxed. In a few moments she fell asleep.

It was a deep night when she woke up. In the moonlight everything was different and mysterious but Natasha was not scared, she was enjoying herself being fully naked and free in this enigmatic world. She approached the water and to her surprise it was much warmer than before. For a moment it even appeared to her that these tiny wavelets on the surface had flocked around her feet and flirted, inviting into the water. She found that amusing and made a few steps into the water accepting this provocation. The next moment the floor disappeared, the overwhelmed girl submerged and begun to sink. Luckily she was a brave female so she quickly managed to pull herself together and with a considerable effort made it back to the surface just to realize that it was only the beginning of the adventure.

In a moment Natasha found herself on a great distance from the shore. Now it was scary. What kind of power was capable of doing such things? Well, that was irrelevant all she really wanted at that bloodcurdling moment was to get out of the water as soon as possible. Heading to the coast the fearful girl made a few strokes when something seized her legs. Natasha roared like a trapped animal. It felt like she was being attacked by stalks. They quickly ascended, winded around her hips and tried to get into the vagina. The whole thing was like an awful nightmare, she could not believe that it was happening for real. Scared to death she started rowing towards the shore as fast as she could, but it was really hard — now the girl had to fight not only the natural resistance of the water but also the unnatural power that already almost completely seized her. She realised that one of the stalks just made it right into her pussy. It was way too much for the poor girl. Natasha started writhing in hysterics and may be that had given her an extra power. Struggling to keep herself afloat she was moving chaotically desperately trying to tear up the fetters which were getting tighter and tighter with every second.

The desperate fight lasted for a good few minutes when she finally managed to break free. The girl made it just enough on shore and blacked out. When in a few minutes she regained conscience, everything around was calm and peaceful like nothing ever happened. A moon walk was shining over the perfectly still water and the girl started to think that it was nothing more then a bad dream. Relieved Natasha sat up, looked down and the very next second a bloodcurdling scream broke over the lake. It was not a dream. The persistent stalk that had managed to get into her vagina was still there. But that wasn’t the most terrifying thing. Coiled tightly around her left thigh it was making movements that left not doubt about his intents. The stalk was raping her! It was the scariest moment of her life but same time the situation was so unusual that she felt like the fear yields to a complex yet unknown emotion. It was an unstable mixture of fear, curiosity and pleasure. With interest and growing excitement she was watching its movements. Everything was fucking real. The stalk started to move faster driving itself deeper and deeper in her wet and red-hot pussy. It was the strangest act of love in the world but the woman was totally enjoying it. She was moaning and screaming, her mouth was wide open, the nipples were firm, the whole body was shaking and tears were coming down over her cheeks. She totally lost control. The stalk was tireless. This incredibly sweet torture lasted for hours and during that time Natasha had been conscious absorbing pain and pleasure even though the attack on her senses was way beyond human capacity. Probably it was almost the morning when the exhausted girl finally passed out.

Natasha woke up late when the hot sun was shining bright in the sky above. She sat up and glanced down. The stalk was still in there, but it seemed to be lifeless now. Natasha slowly took it out and found that the plant was absolutely dry inside but on the surface there were traces of a sticky white liquid. The breath taking conjecture was immediately confirmed by plunging a finger into the pussy — the stalk had ejaculated. There was lots of that liquid inside her so it had been not enough time for it to dry out completely. Natasha took a sample and studied it. The scent was different from real sperm. It was a saturated mix of tropical fruits with some subtle shades. She cautiously liked it with top of the tongue. The taste was as nice as the scent. Same moment as she licked it her head begun to spin and then an extreme weakness swept over her body. She made a few convulsive attempts to breath and lost consciousness.


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