Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gold Coast Fuckability

So I spent two nights on the gold coast, stayed at the Camden Motor Inn at Mermaid Beach, QLD. I strongly recommend NEVER going there as service was terrible, internet was expensive and there were no dvd players unless you hired one! As if!

The girl/girl explicit shoot was cancelled as my model partner was unable to make it due to serious reasons. It was disappointing, but I still got some solo shots of myself in lingerie and bikini at the beach and indoor spa.

I decided to take my cuck with me on the trip and the idea was to cuckold him and go out for the explicit shoot then go clubbing with the model and dance up against men(and maybe more ) while he waited for me at the hotel. Unfotunately we weren’t able to accomplish that due to the circumstances, so we worked on letting him be dominant for this time… and I have some goodies for y’all:

I well and truly wore out my cuck those 3 days! As you can see he is very hairy or ‘furry’ as we say, which is why I call him ‘puppy’. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some more sometime. You can’t really tell how big his dick is from these shots, I should have taken one without me on them too.

But I am happy I got to fuck, haven’t seen him in ages so it’s been a while. I was so horny, demanding sex every few hours and swallowing his dick (which I should have got a shot of!).

Anyway I may have found a promotional job on the model front, I have been offered a nude waitressing job. The pay is good as I can dictate my rates and I only agreed to anything up to lap dances as I have not seen the men who want to hire me. Though I may change my mind as I am not too keen on lap dances while nude, but would rather with lingerie more like an exotic dancer.

Next entry I’ll tell you bout some jewellery I’ve got my eye on to cuckold my cuck.

Thanks for the encouragement, frenchcuck =)

Auf Wiedersehen! (until I see you again in German)


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