Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday #25

Picking up the story from Flash Fiction Friday #22.

As she began to wake she slowly realized that something was not right. Her mind was jumbled and nothing was making sense. Without opening her eyes she could tell she was naked in bed. But she could not remember going to bed. She thought back through the day and remembered working, then leaving work and going to the hotel.

She opened her eyes with the realization and started to scream but staring back at her were the two black as coal eyes of the man she had followed to the room.

“Shh…easy does it sister.”

She tried to move her arms so she could sit up but couldn’t.

“Sorry baby, I had to tie you up so you wouldn’t hurt yourself in case you got any temperamental ideas.”

She tried to speak but her mouth and throat were dry and nothing but air came out past her lips. She felt his hand on her body as he traced his fingers along her skin.

“You were amazing baby. We prayed and I thanked God for the win.”

A look of puzzlement came over her face.

“Silly, for winning you. God brought you to me.”

She cringed and tried to move away from the fingers touching her skin.

“Baby, I know…I know this is all of a sudden, but God commanded me to take you, and I must do what he tells me or he will smote me!”

He continued, “Just rest and I’ll get everything ready for the trip home.”

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